September 23, 2015

Qualifications of a Worship Leader and the Importance of Scripture (Ch 2-3)

We continue looking through Doxology and Theology tonight to read about qualifications of worship leaders and the importance of Scripture.

The Old Testament is filled with detailed directions on how to worship God.  This is proof that God cares about how we worship.  However, the New Testament makes it clear that He is more concerned with our inner attitude than our outward actions (“in spirit and truth” from John 4).

I love this quote from Matt Boswell and think it is right on...

“Worship begins in the heart, is cultivated in the home, and is displayed in the church.”

We shouldn’t be defined by our stage presence, but our desire to point people to the Lord all week long.  If the worship leader cannot lead his own wife and children well, he should not attempt to lead the bride of Christ.

One of the great joys of being a worship leader is putting God’s truth on the lips of God’s people.  So, worship leaders must be able to correctly handle and communicate the Truth of God.  The church cannot afford to settle for worship leaders who are capable musicians but are incompetent theologians.  We need to be teaching the Bible in our song lyrics.  The worship of those you are leading will be richer if you teach them the riches of the One they’re celebrating.

Even though a variety of people can serve as worship leaders, the oversight should come from a pastor of the church.  A pastor who meets the requirements of an elder in I Timothy 3 by being above reproach, a one-woman man, sober-minded, self-controlled, disciplined, respectable, mature, hospitable, able to teach, sober, peace-maker, humble, not a lover of money, and a leader in his home.

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