February 10, 2014

Joseph and God's Faithfulness

As we continue through the Old Testament, I'm amazed once again by the story of Joseph.

Here's how we got to Joseph.....
Abraham's son was Isaac
Isaac's son was Jacob
Jacob's son was Joseph

God is already fulfilling His promise to Abraham through his descendants!

Many of you are familiar with the story, but it's quite a different perspective if you picture yourself in Joseph's shoes.

Joseph was one of many brothers and his brothers despised him (Genesis 37:5).  They eventually faked Joseph's death and sold him into slavery.  This makes no sense that Joseph would have to go through this...but...

You never know what God is going to do next.

39:2 shares that "the Lord was with Joseph."  As Joseph served as a slave, he became very successful.  Because the Lord was with him and he worked so hard, he was eventually placed as an overseer of the house. 

Things look great now and now Joseph can really make a difference!

Until...the master's wife lied about Joseph and he was sent to jail (39:20).  Joseph did nothing wrong and again, this makes no sense that Joseph would have to go throug this...but...

You never know what God is going to do next.

Joseph continued to seek God's face even now that he was imprisoned.  As God continued to bless Joseph, about 2 years later his name was mentioned before the Pharoah (41:1).  Imagine waiting in prison for 2 years wondering if God gave up on you!  Joseph never lost his faith.

I believe that sometimes God has to put us through uncomfortable circumstances to get us exactly where He wants us.  That's precisely what happened to Joseph.

Pharoah (the RULER of the land!) called for Joseph (from prison!) to come assist in interpreting his dream.  Joseph did, and Pharaoh then placed him as second in command in Pharaoh's house.  Joseph continues what he has always done, trusting in God and following His plan.  God uses him to bless hundreds and hundreds of people as well as his own family who deserted him years ago.

There were so many opportunities for Joseph to give up in this story and he never did.  He continued to trust in God and God proved faithful!  If you are going through a time that just doesn't make sense, I challenge you to keep your trust in God and don't give up!  Because.....

You never know what God is going to do next.