July 14, 2013

New Music and Missions Combo

Bud Childs has been leading the missions ministry at Edgewood for the last 10 years.  He has done a fantastic job of supporting our missionaries and ministries all around the world.  Just last month, Bud and Nan moved down to Oregon to be closer to family.  While we're excited for them, we are very sad to see them go!
Megan and I have each had a heart for missions since high school.  While the Worship Pastor role is a full-time position at Edgewood, we have had a desire to become more involved with the missions ministry as well.  Over the last six months, we have been praying for a clear direction for whether or not God wanted us to pursue Bud's role.
Through much prayer, many discussions with Bud, talking with our Elder Board, and other confirming circumstances, we felt strongly that this was God's will for us.
I am blessed to have good leadership teams for the worship ministry and for the missions ministry.  This combination of roles would not be practical without them.  The Worship Leadership Team is new, but was formed in order to share the workload of the ministry and help it to grow even stronger.  I'm very excited to have Megan, Jeanette, Ron, Jim, and Andy on this team.  Bud already had a well-established missions leadership group called the GO Team (Global Outreach) including Mark, Melissa, Wes, Dick, Pam, and Kim.  This team will be a huge asset to me as I'm getting started in the missions role.
After just a few weeks in this new role, I'm already loving it.  Edgewood supports missionaries all around the world who are seeing God do amazing things.  It is such a joy to get to know these missionaries and to come alongside them to join in what God's doing.
Please pray for me as I begin this new journey.  Pray that God will be honored through the worship services at Edgewood and through the missions work around the world.  Pray that I will be able to effectively balance time with my family and leading both the worship and missions ministries.  Pray that God will move in powerful ways and that more and more people will come into a saving relationship with Him.