September 16, 2015

Doxology and Theology Study (Ch 1)

Tonight at choir we started a new devotional series and I wanted to share highlights here on this blog as well.  I'm looking forward to walking through the book called Doxology and Theology by Matt Boswell.  He has a lot of great thoughts for worship leaders and I encourage you to read the whole book.

In Chapter 1, he talks about several marks of the worship of the church.  His emphasis is on theology and how we should all strive to better understand the ways and the heart of God.

First, the worship the worship of the church is God-centered.  Our worship should express more of what God has done for us and less of what we will do for Him.

Second, the worship of the church is Biblically formed.  He said that "Worship leaders should come to lead the people of God with a guitar in one hand and a Bible in the other...knowing how to use each weapon well."

The chief end of theology (study of God) is doxology (the praise of God).  The rhythm of worship is revelation and response: our beliefs about God's revelation dictate our response.  In order to respond appropriately, we must be consumed by God's Word.  D.A. Carson put it this way,

"You cannot find excellent corporate worship until you stop trying to find excellent corporate worship and pursue God Himself."

Next, the worship of the church is congregational.  In our lyrics, there should be equally as much "we" as there is "me."  The primary function of the church singing is the church singing together.

Lastly, the worship of the church is missional.  As worship leaders we are to live in the light of the gospel.  What we truly believe about the gospel is evidenced by how concerned or unconcerned we are for those apart from its grip.  Christian worship is build upon, shaped by, and saturated with the Word of God.

It's a great reminder that our position before God is secured in what Christ has done for us, not in the ministry we do for Him.  But as we get to know God better, our best response should be to worship Him in all we do.

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