December 31, 2013

Read Through the Bible in 2014

As we head into a New Year, many people are making resolutions to give their best in 2014.  I want to encourage you to do that, but make sure you're living through God's power and not your own.

We can all do great things, yeah.  But the great things that we can do on our own will NEVER compare to the amazing works that God can do through us. 

Pastor William reminded us in his sermon Sunday that life must be built on a solid foundation.  And we must build on that foundation with things that will last.  As we head into a New Year tomorrow, what are you building your life on?

As a response to William's challenge, 60 people from Edgewood have committed to read through the entire Bible in 2014!  Megan and I have both joined this commitment as well.  We want to be more faithful about regularly being in His Word and living by God's power and not our own.

Whether you're going through a Bible reading plan like this one or doing another devotional study on your own, I strongly encourage you to make sure your life in 2014 starts with a foundation in God's Word.
"You can accomplish more in an hour with God than in a lifetime without Him."
If you want to accomplish great things this year, make sure you're growing closer to God and letting Him lead the way!