February 10, 2011

We Cry Out by Jeremy Camp

One of the songs we've introduced at Edgewood recently is "We Cry Out" by Jeremy Camp.  Jeremy Camp has a great collection of powerful songs, but this one has quickly become one of my favorites.
Anthems fill the skies with praise, all Your mighty works display Your glory, they tell of Your glory
We who called upon Your Name cannot be silent we will praise, we'll sing it out, Oh we will sing it out
For we have seen the greatness of Your glory be revealed
And we have seen all that You've done and we cannot be still
God's glory is visible ALL around us if we only open our eyes.  His creation, His working through our lives, His love that He constantly shows, and so much more!  I love the challenge in this verse saying that because of who God is and all that He's done, we cannot be silent.  Our response must be to worship Him and live our lives in a way that brings glory to Him.

Then we can join and strongly sing the chorus....
We will cry out to You! Your loving-kindness and Your truth it has delivered us, You have delivered us!
Great is Your glory Lord! When nations learn of Your ways, they will bow down to You we will bow down to You.
As our congregation gets to know this song better, I picture that being such a powerful moment.  Singing that chorus in unity...we will cry out to Him, He has delivered us and we will bow down to Him.  Then, the last verse again is a challenge to not let our worship stop within the walls of the church.  But, instead we sing...
Into all the world we take the mystery of Your saving grace, Shine the light into the darkness.
We cannot be still or silent in our worship services, but we must also not be still and silent in our workplaces or with our friends.  Into ALL the world, we must shine the light and share His saving grace.

There is a lot packed into the lyrics of this song.  I hope it can become a favorite among our church and be an inspiration (and a challenge) to us all.