May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Theo!

In honor of Theo's first birthday, I wanted to write him this letter.  He's an amazing little guy, so I want to share this with you as well.

Dear Theo,

Hey little buddy!  I just wanted to write you a quick letter to tell you how much I love you.  You are an amazing little guy and have already been such a blessing to my life.  I needed another guy in this house and I’m so glad that I’ve got you!

As you turn one today, I want to share a few things that I already see in your life.

First of all, you have such a strong drive.  If you want something, you will work very hard to get it.  You quickly figured out how to crawl and move around our house with no problem.  You wanted to get up the stairs and, even though you fell a few times, you just got right back up and started climbing again.  Now, you are standing up constantly and will be walking and running around this house in no time.  I love seeing this in you, Theo.  I pray that it continues and that you will allow God to use this strong drive to accomplish many things for Him. 

Secondly, you have a very tender side to you as well.  In fact, I don’t get to hold you much because your Mommy hogs you all the time.  She loves holding and cuddling with you.  I can also tell how much you love your big sister.  You watch her all the time, you quickly learn how to do things from her, and you continue to sit close to her even though she loves poking you in the eyes.

Lastly, I’ve got this wild hunch that you’re going to be my drummer in the family.  You LOVE hearing and playing drum patterns with Daddy!

Your Mommy and I pray for you all the time.  We pray that you’ll grow strong.  We pray that you’ll learn how much God loves you and that you’ll want to give your life to Him.  We also pray that you’ll have a loving wife someday to serve the Lord together….and to clean up your messes!

Theo, I look forward to sharing life with you and I hope you will learn a lot of things from your Daddy.  Here are three of the most important things that I hope you’ll learn.

First, I pray that I can show you how to love God.  I want to model a father’s love so that you can better understand the love that your Heavenly Father has for you.  I will mess up.  But, God’s love will never fail.  He’s the one I want you to see and He’s the one I want to point you toward.  I want to help you understand God’s love and to teach you how to live your life in a way that shows your love to Him.

Secondly, I pray that I can give you a good example of how to love your family.  I love your Mommy more than you can understand right now.  I want to give you an example of how to love your wife someday.  God tells us to love our wives like He loves the Church.  That’s a pretty high calling, but I want to do my best to model that for you.  Learning how to honor your Mom and Dad will be important as you grow as well.  And while we’re at it, that sister of yours will drive you crazy sometimes.  But, I have a strong feeling that she’s going to be your best friend in life.  I want to show you how to love her and take care of her as well.

Lastly, I pray that I can show you how to love others.  God wants us to treat others even better than we treat ourselves.  We will meet many people that are hard to love.  But, I want to show you how to honor God and love them anyway.

Theo, I am so excited to have the privilege of being your Daddy.  I think that God has great things in store for your life.  I want to be here to help you and guide you along the way.  I love you Theo.