April 28, 2014

Theo's First Emergency Room Visit

This last weekend was quite eventful.  To be honest, it was a little more eventful than we prefer.

Thursday night, we noticed Theo was having a difficult time breathing.  First thing Friday morning, we took him to our doctor's office.  They took an oxygen level test and thought their testing device was messed up because his level was so low.  They tried another device and got the same results.  Very shortly after that, the doctor entered and said, "the ambulance is on the way to take you to Children's Hospital."  A few minutes later, several EMT guys came into our room and got us onto the ambulance.

This was an overwhelming moment when all of a sudden nothing else in the world mattered...nothing except for making sure Theo was okay. 

We got to the Emergency Department at Children's and he had to do two hours of albuteral treatments (the first hour didn't make enough impact, so they did another).  But, easy-going Theo just sat on the bed and watched some movies with daddy.  He even got a little bored of the movies and started practicing his "beatbox."  I have no idea where he could have gotten this from, but he likes to make this little drumbeat with his mouth.  This was a proud daddy moment, so I had to grab the camera =).

The treatment was starting to show positive signs of effectiveness for his breathing, but he still had a long way to go.  So, they admitted him to the hospital for the evening to continue treatment/monitoring. 
Theo started improving while he was awake and that gave us a chance to even talk on facetime with his big sister...he loved that!  However, when he tried to take a nap, his oxygen levels went down again. He had to sleep with oxygen tubes to get through the night.
As we talked more with the nurses and doctors, we came to the realization that Theo has asthma.  Asthma combined with some type of cold virus is what really hit him hard this weekend.  We are grateful to now have a better understanding of this condition so that we can be more equipped to handle it if/when it happens again.
Megan and I discussed how blessed we are (in America, and especially in Seattle) to be this close to great medical care.  Many kids around the world don't have access to any medical care and they suffer with simple to severe issues with no relief. 
We are very blessed.
On Saturday, they kept trying to ween him off the medicines little by little.  By late afternoon, the doctors decided it would be fine for him to head home.  We were excited for his progress and the chance for all of us to get home.  Before we put him down to sleep in his own bed, I just sat there and held him for awhile.  Tears came to my eyes (as they had several times through this experience), but this time they were tears of joy.
I was so blessed to know that he was okay.
On Monday, we had a follow-up appointment to see how he was progressing.  The doctor said Theo looked fantastic!  That was such a relief to hear!  We decided to get some ice cream to celebrate =).
We praise God for His protection of little Theo...I believe God has great things in store for this strong little boy.
Love you Buddy!