August 18, 2014

Edgewood Music Academy

After several months of preparation, we are ready to launch a brand new ministry...the Edgewood Music Academy.  Megan and I have both taught private music lessons for several years.  We have found this to be a great way to use the gifts God has given us to connect with and encourage others.

To be able to teach lessons through the church is a huge blessing.  Megan and I will teach voice, piano, guitar and drums and we are joining with Cathy who will teach clarinet and Sarah who will teach violin and piano.  We pray that the Academy can serve our church and our community through these lessons.

Over time, I believe this will greatly enhance our worship ministry.  When students of all ages are encouraged to develop their gifts, we hope they will want to use those gifts through the church as well.

We also pray that this will be a great opportunity to connect with people who don't currently attend Edgewood.  Our teachers are committed to offering top-quality teaching regardless of whether the students are from Edgewood or not.  We believe any students could benefit from these lessons and so we hope to meet new people outside the church as well.

Please help us spread the word about the new Academy.  We are hoping to see 30 students for this fall semester.  More information and instructions on how to sign up are all on the Edgewood